“We’ve been trying for a while, and I’m not pregnant yet!” – When to see the doctor if you’re having

One of the most common questions that OB/GYN’s are asked is “how long should it take for me to get pregnant”. Many couples, once they have made the decision to conceive, want or expect it to happen right away, and often times it does: 70% of fertile couples will be pregnant within 6 months and about 85-90% will conceive within a year. Age is one of the most important factors effecting fertility. A woman in her twenties has about a 20-25% chance of getting pregnant each cycle. This number decreases to about 15% at age 30, and dips below 10% around 35. What can you do to help your chances of getting pregnant? Know when you are ovulating – for women with a 28 day cycle, ovulation occurs exac

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